About SurvivalBandz

SurvivalBandz, Inc. began with a guy from Grayson, Georgia sitting at a hunting camp with friends, talking about what we would do if one of us were ever lost in the wilderness. You know, up the creek without a paddle. Every good survivalist will tell you - always have cord with you and the most versatile cord is parachute cord.

Now that we always pack cord, what's the best - easiest - never forget it - way to carry it? That's when fashion met survival!

All of our items are hand made with 550 lb authentic parachute cord. Should you find yourself needing to hoist yourself or something else, build a shelter, make a bow to hunt, make a rod to fish (yes it can even include a hook and line sewn in and you can use the tag as a lure),or anything else that requires rope, simply untie your SurvivalBandz and there you have it.

Of course, we couldn't be from the South and not cater to the sports fanatic that lives within us all. All of our items can be custom made in your favorite team colors, whether it's college football or your own hometown pee-wee league.

We maintain a vast inventory of items and have just about any color you can imagine for that custom SurvivalBandz experience.

Just remember, we never leave home without our SurvivalBandz and think you should
Never Head up the Creek Without Yours!